Hi.  My name is Jaime.  Here is a little bit about me, my background and how I can help you be the best version of you, I have lived the benefits of health and fitness and my team and I want to share our knowledge and help you to achieve your goals.

My Approach

I am the owner, head trainer and founder of Jaime Hibbert Personal Training & Fitness Studio.  I have 16 years experience in the fitness industry where I have constantly focused on developing my knowledge and experience.  I pass this onto my clients and trainers in order to deliver the best quality training, service and advice through tried and tested methods.

I am in love with fitness, I appreciate not everyone is and I appreciate how hard it is to make those changes and your first steps into the process in what can be perceived to be such a daunting environment.  I promise my trainers and I will immediately make you feel at ease and the gym community is full of encouraging and helpful people who will offer you support.

If you are reading my website you have already made your first step and I encourage you to follow this through, ‘it is for you’, ‘ it will work’, you may not have a six pack in 6 weeks but this isn’t what this is about for some, you will increase your energy levels, you will be healthier, fitter and stronger both physically and mentally, I am not saying it is an easy process to start with but it is a process that will work and it will get easier, more manageable and will become part of your weekly routine and before you know it exercise is actually enjoyable and enhances your day to day life!!

My goal is to inspire and motivate you towards your goal and lifestyle change, I will help you no matter what your age, level or ability and my trainers and I will give you the confidence to take your first steps and to move forward towards your goals.  My approach has no gimmicks or ‘quick fixes’ approach, however, you will achieve results if you trust the process and you will make changes for life.  I wont ask you to be at the gym everyday, twice a day and to cut a food group or your calories to a ridiculously low level, I won’t do this because it’s not an honest, healthy approach.

My Background/Development

My passion for fitness started at a young age through Martial Arts where I became both national and international champion.  Fitness formed a huge part of my life.  At the age of 17 I completed the first of many fitness qualifications and began to develop my knowledge, experience and skills as a trainer and group exercise coach.  Having worked in several gyms, I then began employment with Staffordshire Police where I was the head Fitness Assessor, Fitness Rehabilitation and Health Promotion Advisor.  I continued to develop my skills outside of my full time career and remained in industry building up my experience, knowledge and reputation as one of the best and well respected trainers in the area.

‘The End Game’

I knew as soon as I had entered into the industry I wanted my own studio where I could share my passion and help people change their lifestyle.  In 2015 I opened my own studio, I am now the owner and operator of Jaime Hibbert Personal Training & Fitness Studio, Hartshill Road, /S-o-T.  Everyday my team and I inspire, motivate and help people with their journey.  Our dedication and commitment to you is an absolute promise.