Another JH Success!! Trust the process!!

A massive huge congratulations to this amazing lady. Sam’s journey hasn’t been easy so far, I don’t think it ever is! Results don’t come easy, you have to be committed and Sam has been. Not only has Sam been really focused with her training , attending my studio 5 days a week, this has including a varying range of classes and personal training once a week with her friend and once with her husband. I also advised Sam on her total daily energy requirements (calories) and she has used fitness pal to track this each day, Sam has monitored it this way so she knew exactly how many calories she was consuming. This helped Sam stick to what her body required whilst creating the calorie deficit she needed to achieve her goals.
Since October 2018-February 2019 approximately 16 weeks and over the Xmas and new year period don’t forget!! Sam has achieved:
Body Fat loss 17.3lbs (average 1lb per week)👍
Lean Tissue Increase 2.86lbs
Hydration up by 3%
Not only this, Sam has gained strength and fitness but she has learnt how to fuel her body whilst still enjoying Christmas and New Year and weekends where she has been out for meals and/or enjoyed a drink. Yes not everyday has been perfect but that’s life and it would be a boring process if you didn’t enjoy the good stuff! Moderation, knowledge, consistency and perseverance. Well done Sam, I am so very very proud of you. 😘 Jaime