Group Exercise Classes

I provide a variety of classes to suit all levels, ages and abilities. From a beginner to an athlete there is a class to suit you. Benefit from a team of amazing coaches who will challenge and motivate you to achieve. If you are not quite sure which class will suit you please contact me and I will advise you which class will give you the best result for your goal.

Benefit from 25 group sessions a week, virtual classes, mentoring, nutritional advice, planning and access to a fully equipped strength and conditioning gym for just £15 a week with no tie in’s or contracts.

Your first class is absolutely FREE, check out the class timetable and book your first session with me direct.

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*HIIT – Hight Intensity Interval Training

BOOTCAMP Courses range from 4 – 6 weeks.  Each course includes 3 sessions per week.  Mondays 09:30am or 18:15, Wednesday 09:30am or 18:30, Friday 09:30am or Saturday 08:00.  Each session is 50-60 minutes in duration.  You will work with an awesome team of people and a coach who will work with you each session improving your technique and movement quality.  You will not only learn the basics but you will learn how to use the gym effectively.  Each week you will have a strength/hypertrophy session, a HIIT session and a circuit style session.  These sessions are suitable and can be tailored for beginners and the athletes, no matter what your level these sessions WILL cater for you and develop your inner athlete.  You will also be part of an amazing community of people who help and support each other throughout your fitness journey.

Indoor Cycle These workouts are high energy instructor led workouts on a stationary bike.  We currently use Matrix CXC Indoor Cycles during the workouts and instructor who are keen cyclists with a vast knowledge of road cycling.  Your instructor will lead you through the workout explaining all the various cycling positions and postures and how to be the most effective on your bike improving your cardio fitness with HIIT workouts, gaining a high calorie burn and developing leg strength and power through hill and mountain climbs.  All workouts can be tailored to your own ability using the resistance setting on the bike.

Group Gym Training This is a small group training session where each week you focus on specific muscle groups, planes of movement, core strengthening whilst developing strength and cardiovascular fitness.  You will be guided by a level 3 personal trainer or level 4 strength and conditioning coach who will also use methods to improve your movement quality, mobility and technique.

Strength, this is a 30- 45 minute high-intensity interval training workout which is designed to improve strength and build lean muscle.  During this class you will use weight bars, plates or body weight movement, a coach will guide you through this workout every step of the way.   Rest assured if you are a beginner your coach will take you through the workout safely and effectively.

GRIT Strength

Cardio is a 30-minute high-intensity interval training workout that improves cardiovascular fitness, increase speed, agility and will push your heart rate for a big calorie burn. In this workout you will use a variety of body weight exercises for a total body workout.  You will be guided throughout this workout by inspirational coaches who will be working out with you, motivating you to push that little bit harder to push your boundaries.

GRIT Cardio

Circuits, this is a total body workout, each week you will work through various stations using a timer or reps.  This is a group based class where you will complete each station individually before moving on to the next.  Your instructor will guide you through each station ensuring you have the appropriate equipment and understanding of how to perform each of the movements with great technique.

YOGA, a posture based physical fitness, stress relief and relaxation technique to promote wellness, mental wellbeing.  Yoga is a type of exercise in which you move your body into various positions to improve flexibility, mobility and strength.  This class is for all levels and abilities, no ego and no judgement, you will be guided throughout your practice by an amazing instructor.  See you on the mat, Namaste