Some 20 weeks ago I has knee surgery which left me unable to exercise how I normally would, my rehab was for around 12 weeks. At 12 weeks I began to re introduce exercise and build my fitness and strength back to where I had left it somewhere in December 2017!!!!!!
I am now 21 weeks post surgery and feeling stronger, fitter, healthier, less lethargic, more active and more energised. I have trusted my knowledge, judgement and my own process that I advocate to any of my clients and members and something which is maintainable with everything that life throws at us day to day.
8 weeks ago when I probably felt at my worst in terms of fitness, strength and nutrition, I conducted a body composition analysis. Not only did I feel at my worst in terms of my fitness but I was at my worst ever with my body composition which left me very disheartened and I knew what a potentially tough road I had ahead to be back to where I wanted to be.
When I conducted my second analysis this week I was pretty pleased with myself, not only could I teach my classes without dying inside because I couldn’t breathe or that I felt I was going to drop the bar because my strength had diminished (yes I hide it well, I have too)! I had some good results:
Total Body weight was up by 0.6kg (not an issue, body fat is what I’m interested in not weight)
Body Fat reduced by 3.5%
Body Fat loss of 2kg (4.4lb)
Lean Tissue increase 2.4kg (4.5lb)
Hydration increase 2.5%
I know what your thinking, whats the magic pill? Whats the magic exercise session I need to attend for a week to reach my goal?  I can tell you this, there isn’t one, there never has been and unfortunately there never will be, money makers will market to you that there is and they will have no problem selling something to you that is unhealthy and will be detrimental to your health in the long term!!
I haven’t starved myself, removed a food group, been on a ‘diet’, skipped breakfast, cut out alcohol and all bad foods, had shakes, meal replacement, I haven’t fasted or finished eating before 7pm or trained everyday 6 days a week, I haven’t completed a 6/8 week bootcamp where I have restricted myself, water manipulated, taken supplements or pills and then felt the need to eat everything in sight after the bootcamp has finished and then wondered ‘how do I eat now? what do I do now?? as your left to your own devices.  
I have been able to keep to something that is fit for life, enjoyable and allows you to not feel like you are having a constant battle with yourself. Im not saying its easy, it is hard at times and you do have ‘I can’t be bothered this week’ and ‘I’ve lost my mojo’, it will come back you just have to keep to those commitments and do the best you can.  I have been through it and still go through it and I will go through those thoughts and feelings many more times in the future.  
I have a life and a pretty good social life, especially these passed few weeks and I haven’t felt restricted or hungry once!! Ive also eaten the odd pizza and had crisps and drank alcohol!!!
As I tuck into my Saturday bacon I will tell you this:
I have trained 5 days a week (not necessarily required for everyone, I enjoy it and it is my job), I have trained a mixture of strength, conditioning and cardio HIIT to cover all aspects of my fitness, no secrets, only what I would and do prescribe to my clients and members. I have eaten regular and 1800 calories each day, sometimes 2000 (dependant on my requirements, this varies person to person dependant on your goals and activity level). I have kept to home cooked healthy foods, no processed crap just nutritious meals that are easy to prepare.  Life is busy and I have little time to cook, I make time because my health is important to me but so is having a good time, so in the main I eat well but if I go out at the weekend I make sure I stay active, exercise and then have a good time getting ‘happy’ on wine, beer or vodka and having some chips with my meal and a dessert!!!
The point I am trying to make is, there is no magic pill or new invention that will help you to get to where you want to be , its about making a commitment to yourself and your health and sticking to those commitments.  It doesn’t just ‘STOP’ when you get to your goal, you need to do something which is maintainable with your lifestyle and enjoyable so it is something you will stick to.  When you have reached your goal you will need to stick to you new found exercise and nutrition routine, to stay healthy and to STOP you going backwards.  Its about eating well 90% of the time and sticking to the calories your body requires and not over eating and yes you can have a good time and eat carbs (I eat plenty)! You know (speaking about my own personal training studio and there are others out there too) but the studio is a great place to be and the trainers and the gym community will help and support you and make it an enjoyable place, make exercise enjoyable, keep you motivated and invest in you and your journey.
Not matter your age or fitness level or experience invest in yourself and seek advice, for example, rather than spending £3 a day at Starbucks or on a takeaway, spend just £2 a day on your health and fitness at JH. No gimmicks, just honesty, dedication and commitment . Trust The Process