A fundamental part of your health and fitness is your nutrition, food is essential and provides your body with the energy it needs to function, complete day to day tasks, exercise and recover.

Speak to us to find out about a personalised nutrition plan.


How to make delicious cookies in one-bowl!
First, start broiling the veggie roast and then strain to get crunchy legumes. Chicken Jambalya Then get season the broth and serve with fresh coriander. Enjoy warm not hot. You can't go wrong with veg, they are nutirious and delicious!

Smoothie/Food Packages :

I can provide you with the guidance you will need to make better more informed choices.  We can offer advice on food planning, macros, food preparation and recipes to try.  If you are looking for weight loss, athletic/training performance, weight gain, nutritional planning for an event or pre/post workout nutrition we can help you.

Alongside this I offer some ‘clean’ foods made to order with fresh ingredients, these foods offered are ideal for breakfast, snacks and pre and post exercise nutrition and recovery.  These items can be pre ordered and packages can be made specific for your order.

Fruit Smoothie £3.20  
Fruit and Vegetable Smoothie £3.20  
Add Oats +50p  
Add Protein +50p  
JH Snack Balls
Plain or Peanut Butter
22 Balls £10
JH Brownie Slice £1.75 Batch £15
Smoothie and Food Packages

Food Diary

Be HONEST and record EVERYTHING you eat.

Include all snacks including drinks.  Times you eat and times that you exercise, include the type and duration.

Bring it with you to your training session when you’re done.

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