Personal Training

Personal Trainer Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Benefit from personalised face to face training and coaching as I help you achieve your Health and Fitness goals and objectives. Personal Training is the art of helping people to exercise more effectively, and providing instruction, expert advice, motivation and high level coaching.

Research shows that people are 60% more likely to achieve their goals with the help of a personal trainer.

Call for an informal chat about how personal training can help you.

* Payment for the PT is required before commencing your first PT session.

Making contact, What to expect?

Once you have made initial contact I will book you a FREE consultation online with a trainer, this normally takes 30 minutes – 1 hour.  The consultation is very relaxed and you won’t be expected to do anything physical, this is one to one with your trainer where you will discuss your goals, exercise history, injuries, illnesses, nutrition and you will be provided with a body composition analysis should this be something you wish to have completed.  This consultation will give your trainer the building blocks they need to develop your training program tailored to your needs to accelerate you towards your goals. If you decide it is not for you there will be no pressure to carry on passed your consultation.

Personal Training

You will receive an initial consultation with a trainer FREE of charge. We will establish your goals, background, injuries, illnesses and make a plan best suited for you to commence your fitness journey with us.

Your training plans will be tailored individually to your requirements, we use effective training techniques, you will no longer waste time walking around a gym wondering what to do or if you are doing the right thing.  Let us, as qualified experts guide and mentor you through your journey.

Group Personal Training

Group training can be more exciting and fun for couples, good friends or for a small team of like-minded people. I can train groups of up to 3 people and keep the personalised attention and encouragement needed. What better way to get training than with people you know? It’s very affordable when sharing the costs between a few people too.

Corporate Fitness Training

I help your business get more from your staff by providing with exercise, wellness, and nutrition programmes that help with:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced medical claims
  • Retain and attract employees
  • Promote a better quality of life

Corporate Fitness Training for up to 50 staff from all levels working out at once. I also offer one to one personal training with discount rates for corporate companies.

My aim is to help your staff with improved productivity, wellness, and energy levels so that your business can grow with a healthy and happy workforce.