Travel the distance of the Earth by exercising your way Around The World in 80 Days

Happy New Year Everyone.

I hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year, I appreciate it was most probably a very different one this year.

To start the New Year off with a bang, to help you stay motivated working as a team, I would like to invite you to join Team JH in exercising around the world in 80 days.

We will travel the total distance of the earth and take a trip around the world together!

If you are new to exercise or regular to exercise this ‘mission’ is inclusive to all.  You are able to include any activity, your steps for the day, a dog walk, running, cycling, classes, the list is endless.

This mission is about getting active and staying active, its not about going the furthest or doing the most miles (although this is an option), its about helping each other become or stay active and achieving the mission together.

You can sign up to the event at any time but don’t delay, the quicker you get started the quicker we can help you start your activity.

The cost of the mission is just £8, you will receive regular updates, you can view the map to view our progress, upload your activities, see your individual mileage and interact with others in the group for some motivation and inspiration.

Please click the link below which will direct you to the sign up page, follow the steps and you will soon be on your journey and travel the world.


You do not need a fitness watch or a fitness app to take part, if you do use one you can link this to the mission app to record your miles, steps, workouts and activity.

Please use this link to view the exercise conversion chart so you are able to calculate your mileage manually if required.…