Client Transformation

I would like to introduce you to Natasha Bray.  Natasha has been training with me now for approximately 7 years.  Natasha always sends me an up to date holiday photo, I love receiving these!

The far left picture is Natasha when she first started Personal Training with me and far right is Natasha now (1 week ago)!  She has made some amazing progress, achievements and results and this is not just with the way she looks, which, you have to admit is amazing.  

Natasha and her husband Adam initially booked home training with me,  I saw them once each week.  Natasha and Adam trained each week with me, without fail.  They had no gym or equipment so I took my necessities, we trained in their garage at home, rain or shine!  They developed a better understanding about nutrition and fitness, they listened and took on board my guidance and help.  They started to supplement their activity with other activities and during the holidays their 3 children, Jack, Ella and Livi joined in their personal training sessions.  The whole family began to become more active and enjoyed it, this has led to a very fit and active Bray family.  They now have health, activity and exercise as an important aspect of their lives and understand the importance of it.  They all see the benefits that this has brought to each and every member of the family.  I would go as far as saying they now wouldn’t be without it.  

After opening my studio 3 years ago they all began to come for sessions there.  Natasha was the first to join as a member and attends regular classes and Personal Training each week.  Natasha books her sessions in as part of her regular weekly routine and fits this around her family commitments.  She cooks all the family meals from fresh and makes sure she is prepared for the week for herself and the family. Natasha has always, for as long as I can remember, enjoyed a bottle of wine on a Friday and Saturday night.  She hasn’t massively restricted herself and has still enjoyed weekends away, nights out, family meals, desserts, the occasional pizza, alcohol and other things, she makes sure she makes good choices around this.  Natasha makes sure she is prepared during the week and attends her regular training sessions as advised and what she enjoys.  Its not been easy and still isn’t but Natasha works so hard during her sessions, she is focused and puts every bit of effort she has into her training.  She works hard and has achieved not only a total body shape change but a totally new aspect and outlook to her health and her lifestyle for herself and her family.  The achievements Natasha has made have not been overnight or over an ‘8 week Bootcamp’.  She has been consistent, she has still enjoyed nice things, she has made sure she eats and eats well to give her body the correct nutrition for her training, recovery and to live.  

Natasha’s ‘weight’ has not massively changed but she has changed her composition dramatically by reducing her body fat and increasing her lean tissue, she has got rid of the bad and increased the good.

 Natasha has been and is amazing and I love seeing that she is reaping the rewards of her hard work and consistency, she looks healthy and is healthy.  I always say nothing comes easy and it doesn’t, Natasha has grafted to achieve her results but has done this in a healthy way.  No gimmicks, no cutting food groups, no supplements, no meal replacements, little restrictions and has listened to her trainer throughout.  

Natasha I would like to say a huge congratulations to you, I am really proud of you, proud of your achievements, your lifestyle change for both you and your family and I love having you and your family as a big part of JH and my community.  Well done and I will look forward to the next 7 years and what that will bring.