Flick The Switch

If you have happened to visit me for a session at JH, you will quite often hear me use the term ‘flicking the switch’, no, members of my team this is not ‘put the kettle on’!!

I refer to this as the point when you are pushing your boundaries and limits, the point when its really starting to hurt and you feel like you can’t breathe or pick up or lift the bar one more time or the point in a long run, cycle or event when you feel like your legs are going to give out, this happens during most of your exercise routines.  This is the point where your body is reaching fatigue and your mind is telling you, ‘you can’t continue’, ‘stop’, ‘take a breather’, ‘just for a second’, ‘no one will know’, you have the little devil on your shoulder trying to convince you that the right thing to do is to quit just for a second.  This is the point where you need to flick your switch and dig deep, this takes both mental and physical strength and determination, I know how this hurts and you feel like you are unable to continue, I feel this too.  This is the crucial and one of the important parts of getting fitter and stronger, this is where the magic happens!!!

I know the body hurts and I know it is painful and you have the devil on your shoulder telling you to STOP!  This happens if you are a regular exerciser, an athlete, a coach, a beginner, anyone who is conducting any kind of exercise, its about getting to your point of fatigue and pushing the boundaries just for a second, just for one more rep or holding out for just 20 more seconds, not stopping but continuing maybe at a lesser pace, faster pace or by taking an option but completing it without having to stop for those 10 seconds before you continue.

Im not saying kill yourself over an extra mile or an extra 50 kg on your bar for 8 more reps so you strain your body, there is a fine line, once you have started your exercise journey and you begin to hear your mind trying to convince you to stop, try an extra rep, when you think you are able to do 1 more, I bet you can do 2, try and get to the top of the hill, you may need to go slightly slower but try and get to the top and then carry on but take a step back to recover the other side on the flat.

You can do and must do this safely.  If you have had or have a Personal Trainer, I can only describe it as at a similar point during your session when you are sweating everywhere and trying desperately to catch your breath and thinking ‘I cant do this but I have too, my trainer is watching, I dare not stop’ you then hear 10 seconds left, you think, ‘yes success I can do this, only 10 seconds left of my 30 seconds’ then your trainer says ‘lets go to 45 seconds, you can do this’, you want to stop and think you need to stop, the devil is on your shoulder, your body is fatiguing and you want to punch your trainer in the face but you don’t stop because you ‘flick your switch’ and keep going because they are helping you push your boundaries and limits so your body achieves something new, you challenge your heart, your lungs, your muscles and when they are challenged this creates the ultimate change.

Stay strong and stay focused.

Trust the process.