Macronutrients, this is the term used describe the three food groups that we require for our body to function.  Your BMR should be broken down into these three groups, this provides our body with the appropriate energy to function and for our bodies to repair and rebuild.  These three Macros are Carbohydrates, fats and proteins, carbohydrates should make up 45%-55% of your BMR, fats 30% and protein 20% which will give you a good balance.

If you are looking to work out the grams required for each food group, 1g Carbohydrate provides 4 calories, 1g Protein provides 4 calories and 1g Fat provides 9 calories.

We have established you require these 3 micronutrients to keep your body functioning effectively, so why would you cut one of these macros from your diet?!  If you make the cut you will hinder your bodies performance.  You need carbohydrates to provide your body with glycogen, your primary fuel source, without this your body will break down its own muscle tissue for energy as its the easiest to convert for fuel rather than your fat stores.  When you are active and you have adequate supplies of glycogen your body will burn this along with fat for energy, therefore reducing your fat stores, you will also burn some protein but only a small amount.

Protein is required for your body to repair and rebuild, protein is required for the structure of your cells and the regulation of body tissue and organs.  When you put your body under pressure, above sedentary conditions, you cause structural damage to the body tissues, this structural damage gives your body a reason to repair and rebuild tissue to become bigger and stronger in order to handle more challenges placed on the body.  Without protein your body cannot provide this properly, therefore you require enough protein in your diet to support this.  JH